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Hey.. Guys. I'm once a human like you but not anymore. Please calll me Ink. And I'm going to become an revolutionist!
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gilvr RP: Child’s Play

Two darting shadows were appearing in alley into alley. Gunshots were heard then explosions as it takes place in the abandoned district surrounded by abandoned factories and buildings. 

An criminal gang who are once notorious for their reputation are now outnumbered and unmatched with the forces of the unknown from the darkness. Gang members are retreating from their former base as demonic laughter gives pure fear into their hearts.

" Run Motherfuckers Run!" One yelled as it came from an  teenage boy who has an gas mask around his neck as he wears an red hoodie, dark blue jeans and sneakers. 

" Yeah! Don’t ever think coming back here!’ Said a female voice as this teenage girl wears a short black jacket with short sleeves as it was unzipped, revealing her grey t-shirt with white graphic abstract and lastly wears, black jeans and grey converse. 

Some gangmembers were trying to fight back but they were cut down by a boy with an tan complexion as he wears an hoodie, striped black and grey, wearing skinny jeans and sneakers. He smirks as he cuts them down with his sword.

It was massacre as the three teens’ goal was to get rid of the gangs in their district.

Dragon Of Vanity : gilvr RP: Child's Play