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Hey.. Guys. I'm once a human like you but not anymore. Please calll me Ink. And I'm going to become an revolutionist!
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gilvr RP: The Fight

Ink was pissed, no doubt about it. First her friends were arguing about things needed to be done in the community. Ink tries to remain calm and replied with nice ideas but her friends tell her that she’s gullible and needs to do her research making her enraged.  

She gets out and slams the door behind her as she decides to get some pizza and a soda to think over some things. A hour later, Ink had finished her meal as she was sipping her Diet Coke with a straw. Listening to her rock music on her iPod. She bump into the blues.

" Sorry about-

" You! Watch where you going punk." Said the officer with a growl, and for that was an punch to the jaw sending the man to the floor. Ink wasn’t having that shit right now. Not at all. Growling Ink kicks the officer down and leaves, minutes later she bumps into another person.

" Sorry…" Ink said with a upsetting tone.

Dragon Of Vanity : gilvr RP: The Fight